With just one click

Watch your territory from your mobile phone

Observe your territory comfortably from home. Either on your mobile phone or from your PC

Unpack and get started

Quick and easy installation makes icu cameras ready for immediate use (SIM card included).

Benefit from many years of experience

With our field-tested night vision images you save yourself experiments and long observation.

The top model from icuserver

Best performance in all areas - long battery life, super sharp images, and the most powerful flash yet. Plus: extensive camera controls right in the app*.

Enjoy photos in the best picture quality

The latest CMOS sensor of the icucam 4 takes pictures in the best image quality. Decide in which quality the pictures are sent.

Turn night into day - 40 meters of illumination

With its powerful infrared LEDs, the icucam 4 offers unrivalled 40 metre illumination for night-time photography, invisible to humans and game.

*Costable extension, Camera control is part of the icuserver premium plan.
The first year is on us!

For every new icucam 4 or icucam lite you receive 4,000 COINs free of charge. This corresponds to the average annual requirement of an icuserver customer. 

The tool for hunters

Focused on the essentials, good pictures from the precinct. 

Fast image transmission with 4G/LTE 

The 4G/LTE module of the icuserver cameras offers excellent reception quality and fast image transmission.   

Quick to use

The screen on the front allows settings to be made quickly even when suspended. 

Unpack & 

get started.

This is how easy it is today to monitor a precinct or an object away from WiFi networks. The cameras from icuserver are the ideal tool for any number of locations.

A reliable solution when it really matters, that informs you immediately and not after the fact.

Simply start!

Install app or open website

Simply online 


Connect account and camera with code or QR scan

What our customers say

Leopold Obermaier, MSc. 

Wildlife biologist, Lower Austrian Hunting Association

" For our study of the mallard population, we rely on the reliability of icuserver "

Günther Blassnig 

Alpine & mountain farmer, East Tyrol

" Super reception, even in the high mountains where others have not worked! "

All in one app

All in one app

So you always know what is happening on the hunting ground.
A step towards Smart Hunting.

With the innovative icuapp, you get all the images from your icu cameras directly to your mobile phone, whenever the camera triggers.

Camera settings

All camera settings can be easily operated via the app. (icu Premium) Even the management of multiple cameras is done via an app.

Works in 5 languages:

Costs under control

No monthly or other costs

With the basic pricing model you only pay per image sent.

Full cost control with the icuserver 
COINs system
Control your costs by adjusting the quality of the images you send.
Easy to reload via the icuapp or on the PC

The COINs can be used for all your icu cameras (from 2019).

Since 01 May 2021: COINs 30% cheaper than shown in the video!

Europe-wide network coverage

Europe-wide network coverage

Highest safety standards

The SIM card only works in the camera.
Conversely, sending only works with the SIM card inserted. Applications other than sending images in the icu camera are impossible with the SIM card inserted.

Absolute connectivity

e.g. Germany: T-Mobile, Vodafone
e.g. Austria: A1

You buy one model for all regions in Europe.

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Innovation, quality & service made by ICUserver from Austria

The most modern tool for every hunter is a game camera with mobile phone transmission from icuserver.

The sensitive motion detector records passing animals in the forest. Even at night, the wildlife camera, often called a hunting camera or photo trap, delivers informative images. Thanks to the night vision and the infrared flash, no animals are frightened away by a flash of light.

However, a wireless camera has many more uses. It is suitable for both commercial purposes, such as construction site monitoring, monitoring of stables in the livestock industry or in remote properties without Wifi, but also to monitor private properties such as vintage cars, sailboats or holiday homes.

When your camera is triggered, the photos are transmitted to your smartphone via mobile phone within a few seconds. An independent prepaid multi-network card is supplied for this purpose. You can easily view the pictures via the smart icuapp on your mobile phone or the web access on your PC or Mac. Settings such as shutter release time, time lapse or image quality can also be selected via the online tools.  

The camera is delivered to your home ready to send. After a simple and quick registration, you can get started straight away. The complete camera package includes a SIM card, simple AA batteries, a mounting strap and an SD memory card. In addition, icuserver offers many accessories for your wireless cameras. These include wall mounts and tree screws for better mounting, alternatives for power supply such as 18650 lithium-ion batteries (only suitable for icucam4) or external chargers.

With the included SIM card, the wireless wildlife camera sends all photos directly to your icuserver account. The photos can be easily received in the app, online and on the smartphone or directly via email.

Even better reception with the new icucam4 and 4G technology. As the most advanced wireless game camera on the market, the icucam4 combines the best features of the proven icuhunt with the faster and stronger 4G network technology. As a plug & play solution, all necessary components are included in the scope of delivery, an off-grid multi-net card, batteries and a strong mounting strap. For a better power supply optional powerful 18650 lithium ion batteries are included.

Göttweiger Straße 2, 3131 Inzersdorf-Getzersdorf, Austria

We deliver to: Austria, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, UK