Startseite / Camera Reset


To perform a reset, the MMS.cfg file must be copied directly to the SD card.

This file is available in the download area of your login in the Internet:
„Downloads“ -> at the top right under "Configuration file"

Copy the file MMS.cfg DIRECT to the SD card (no subdirectory otherwise it does not work !!) and put it back into the camera. ("Downloads" -> top right)

Then turn on the camera and press the "OK" button until the screen appears.

As soon as the camera screen is active, press the "M" key once.

It is important that you leave the menu again with the "M" key! Otherwise the configuration data are not saved !!
Otherwise the configuration data are not saved !!




Testing the sending function "by hand":

1) Batteries full?

2) Move the camera's switches to the following position:
"ON" / photo symbol / "25" or "56" / "ON"

3) Then switch on and press the "OK" button briefly (!) Until the screen appears.

4) When the screen is active, press the "OK" button once to create a photo -> It will take one to two seconds for the photo to start.

5) Please note the screen. If the photo has been sent correctly, this is confirmed on the screen. The duration of the transmission process depends on the quality of the mobile radio network reception. (Usually 30 seconds)