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The most modern tool for every hunter is a wireless game camera with SIM card from icuserver. Activate it, hang it up and simply receive good pictures from the hunting ground or use it as a surveillance camera. This way you can always keep an eye on your hunting ground on your mobile phone, tablet or from home on your PC. Change all functions and settings of your camera remotely with the premium offer. A reliable solution that informs you immediately about what is happening during the day and at night and not just afterwards.

In addition to the best images, we offer the energy supply of the future with our new icucam 4, with one of the longest runtimes of all cameras on the market. With the rechargeable 18650 batteries in combination with our external battery as an accessory, customers have already confirmed runtimes of over 5 months and more.

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What our customers say

Leopold Obermaier, MSc. 

Wildlife biologist, Lower Austrian Hunting Association

" For our study of the mallard population, we rely on the reliability of icuserver "

Günther Blassnig 

Alpine & mountain farmer, East Tyrol

" Super reception, even in the high mountains where others have not worked! "

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Frequently asked questions

How does the image transmission work? Which network does the camera dial into?

The SIM card already supplied or installed is specially pre-configured for our cameras and, like your mobile phone, automatically dials into the best network in its position. The camera can only be operated with this SIM card and establish a successful connection in most countries of the world according to our network coverage map. The available connection at the location is used for sending images. If, for example, such a fast connection is not available for a 4G LTE camera in the forest, the module uses the next possible frequency such as 3G UMTS or 2G Egde for the transmission of the images. Accordingly, the transmission may take longer than with full 4G EM reception, depending on the image size.

The first models of the camera were operated with the Mavoco/SuperSIM card at that time and are still in use today. New 3G or 4G wildlife cameras are now only supplied with their own icuSIM.

How does the image release and image sending work?

By means of a motion sensor and detection of temperature differences via infrared, moving objects are detected by the sensor as a heat signature and the image recording/camera is triggered. The greater the differences in temperature, the faster the sensor triggers. Just like a classic photo trap. If the sensor is triggered at night, an infrared flash is used to brighten up the recording area for the photo. The flash by means of a black light LED is not visible to the game and the human eye and therefore does not drive it away after the first picture.

If picture sending is switched on and there are still enough COINs available in the account, the picture is transferred to the icuCloud via the mobile phone network and can then be viewed by any device that has access to the camera or the account. If picture sending is deactivated or no more credit is available, the picture is only stored on the SD memory card but not sent.

What power supply is available for the icu cameras?

The icuhunt (3G), icutrap (3G) and the icucam lite (4G) can be operated with standard AA batteries. The icucam 4 can be operated with 3x 18650 rechargeable batteries (icucell) as an additional option, which almost triples the runtime of the camera compared to the batteries. In addition to the batteries in the camera, an external battery can be connected to extend the battery runtime. This makes it possible to achieve runtimes of 3-5 months without replacing the batteries.

As a further accessory, a cable for power supply via a socket can also be purchased. In addition, we are currently working on a solar panel that can be included in our energy network as a charger and restores the daily consumption when there is sufficient sunlight.

How much does it cost to operate a transmitting wildlife camera?

Basically, costs are only incurred when operating a radio wildlife camera if pictures are sent to its account. Without sending images, the camera can be operated like a regular photo trap. For each registration of a new 4G camera, you will receive an average annual requirement of images (4,000 COINs) free of charge. The demand is based on the assumption that about 11 pictures are sent daily and that 11 COINs have to be paid for accordingly. You are free to choose the cost model that best suits your use of the camera. Once topped up, COINs do not have an expiry date, but are only charged once their credit has been used up.

Do I need the Premium Plan? What can I do only with the Premium Plan?

After registering the camera, you will receive our Premium offer free of charge for one month (30 days) to try it out. After that, you drop back to the BASIC level. You do not have to cancel or actively end this trial month - the subscription ends automatically after the 30 days.

You do not need a Premium Plan to operate the camera and receive images, but only a credit of COINs.

However, to change the camera's settings, filter/categorise the images using our AI analysis or manually request an image from the camera, the Premium package is required.

Can I integrate cameras from other manufacturers into the icuapp, use accessories and vice versa?

Currently, only the certified accessories for icuserver cameras can be used. Integration into other apps or the integration of non-proprietary cameras such as Seissiger, Secacam, Spypoint or Revierspion is also not possible at present and is not planned for the future. We keep getting enquiries as to whether the camera can be operated with this battery, this cable or its own photovoltaic solution, but as the manufacturer we advise against this and can of course neither make a recommendation on this nor assume the guarantee for it.

Please use accessories from icuserver that have been manufactured for our cameras and tested for safe operation.

Can a stolen camera be traced?

icuserver is the only wildlife camera manufacturer to offer a two-year theft compensation, i.e. if a camera is stolen despite being secured, we do not leave our customers in the lurch. Should the camera nevertheless be stolen, it will be blocked in the system after it has been reported to us and can thus no longer be put into operation. Tracking of the stolen camera via e.g. GPS signal is currently not possible.

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