+ 4.000 COINs & 16GB SD card

incl. 16 GB SD card


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icu cell blue 18650 batteries


4G special antenna


Universal mounting


Get started immediately with these accessories:

External Super Li-Ion Battery 5000mAh

External battery

5,000 mAh

Special antenna

4G Special Antenna


Simply good pictures

50° lens

The 50° angle of the lens is ideal for a hunting camera.

0.3 seconds Release time

With a response time of 0.3 seconds, blank images caused by too late triggering are finally a thing of the past.

4G reception

With fast 4G reception (LTE), you get the images on your device within a minute.


Working temperature from -25°C to 60°C, splash water and dust protected.

6 infrared LEDs

6 black light LEDs (940nm) provide an illuminated area of up to 25 metres. Invisible to humans and animals.

Day & Night

The camera automatically adjusts to the light variations of the environment. Day in color - night in black and white through infrared images.

The tool among the game cameras

The icueasyis the perfect game camera for anyone who wants to get images easily and without technical gimmicks.

It fulfils its task entirely according to the motto:

"A wildlife camera is a tool not a toy!"

Flexible energy supply

The icueasycan be powered either by 3 to a maximum of 6x 18650 Li-ion batteries or by 2x 6 (12) AA batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Choose one of the included battery compartments, load it with fresh batteries and fix it in the camera with just one screw. Very easy!

Works in any weather

The special anti-fog coating of the icuservercameras enables images in all seasons and reduces lens tarnishing.

Simply good solutions

It's as simple as that...

To get started, simply log in to the icu website and link the camera to your account. 


With the supplied mounting strap or accessories, such as the practical tree screw from icuserver, you can easily hang your new wildlife camera anywhere and inconspicuously. 

... Game watching

As soon as the camera is mounted, you only have to wait to observe the game in the hunting area.

Save costs & time

A wireless game camera saves time and money. Through the smart icuapp you can easily, from home, call up and view the photos of your game camera - without the hassle of swapping SD cards and representing game. 

50° normal angle


Attention: Move the slider to see the difference!

50° normal angle

Image comparison

The difference can be seen just as well in the following pictures. For example, with the normal angle, the five meter label "5m" is still clearly visible. The cameras were hung up next to each other.

In the video you can see the difference between wide angle and normal angle. Watch our "burglar" in the image width in contrast to the distance view.

icuserver cameras in comparison



Mobile network


Flash range

daily status

Time lapse


Image shipping

Application area

remote control*

Remote Control: An exclusive premium feature. The remote control allows you to change the camera settings directly in the app. Learn more

Costs under control

No monthly or other costs

With the basic pricing model you only pay per image sent.

Full cost control with the icuserver 
COINs system

With the basic pricing model you only pay per image sent.

Easy to reload via the icuapp or on the PC

The COINs can be used for all your icu cameras (from 2019).

Europe-wide network coverage

Europe-wide network coverage

Highest safety standards

The SIM card only works in the camera.
Conversely, sending only works with the SIM card inserted. Applications other than sending images in the icu camera are impossible with the SIM card inserted.

Absolute connectivity

e.g. Germany: T-Mobile, Vodafone
e.g. Austria: A1

You buy one model for all regions in Europe.

  • Scope of delivery
  • Details
  • icueasy - 4G/LTE camera incl. antenna and configured eSIM card (permanently installed)
  • 16 GB SD card
  • Fastening strap
  • Interchangeable battery compartment for 1x 18650 rechargeable batteries, 1x AA batteries (batteries only included in variant incl. batteries!)
  • Instructions for commissioning
Reception4G/3G/2G (LTE/UMTS/GSM)
Flash range30 meters 
LensF: 2.4 FOV = 57°
Photo-Chip5 megapixel CMOS
Screen2.36 inch
PIR sensor distance25
PIR sensor angle50°
Release time<0,3 s
SD cardMax 32GB
Image resolutionu. Format5 MP, 8 MP
Numberofrecordings1 to 9
Video length-
Trigger interval1 s - 60 m
TimestampON/ OFF
Working hours ON/OFF
Camera menuLanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish,Italian, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish
Operating performanceBattery: 9V, DC: 12V
Battery type12 AA
Stand-by energy consumption0.075 mA
Standby time7 months 
Operating temperature-20°C - 60°C
Dimension14,6cm x 11,4cm x 8,9cm

Reception4G/3G/2G (LTE/UMTS/GSM)
LEDs6 Power LEDs
Flash rangeup to 30 metres 
LensF: 2.8 FOV = 55°
Photo-Chip2 Megapixel CMOS
Screen2.7 inch
PIR sensor distanceup to 15
PIR sensor angle50°
Release time<0,3 s
SD cardMax 256GB
Image resolution2 MP - 8 MP (Megapixel)
Number of continuous shots1 to 3
Video length-
Video formatavi
Trigger interval1 s - 60 m
TimestampON/ OFF
Working hours ON/OFF
Camera menuLanguagesEnglish, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Swedish, Polish
Operating performanceBattery: 9V, DC: 12V
Battery type12 AA / 3x or 6x 18650 Li-Ion
Stand-by energy consumption0.05 mA
Standby time8 months 
Operating temperature-20°C - 60°C
Dimension14,5cm x 11,0cm x 7,7cm

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