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icuapp- the smart control center for precinct monitoring

or with the PC/notebook at

Functions of the icuapp

Switch image sending on/off

Activate or deactivate image reception for individual cameras conveniently in icuapp at the touch of a button.

Share pictures with hunting colleagues for free

Simply send the best pictures from the app to your hunting buddy. Always free of charge.

Request photos yourself

With the push of a button, send the command for a photo to the camera and get a photo.

Receive notification & photo immediately

Immediately receive a push notification and the photo in the app as soon as the camera triggers in the precinct. (e.g. game, burglar,..)

Status of the cameras in view

Info about battery level, reception at the location, last contact to camera, etc.

Dark Mode / Dark Mode

Gentle on the eye, the dark design of the app perfect for poor lighting situations.

Full control over the cameras

All available camera settings conveniently adjust remotely via the icuapp or the icuWebapp.

With the additional package Control or Premium, all settings can be adjusted and continuously changed from home. Every new customer can try this out for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. The package simply expires after the time, they do not have to cancel or do anything for it.

Set suitable broadcasting times

Optionally, the times at which a camera takes and sends images can be set by means of a schedule and image sending can be paused at certain times (during the day or only at night).

Find out the perfect setting

Try out setting options to find the best possible combination of shutter speed, resolution and image format. This does not require a visit to the precinct and the camera. Settings can be made from anywhere via the icuapp. 

This way, the additional recording of videos, continuous shooting, and more can also be activated if required.

AI image analysis

Image analysis makes it easier to select and filter images. Display only desired categories. This saves you from sifting through countless images and, if you wish, shows you only the images that feature a person, an animal or a vehicle.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence), images are analyzed in real time and the icuapp recognizes whether a car, a human or just a harmless animal is approaching the camera. 

Your app will notify you only when photos relevant to you are taken. Choose from the categories Roe deer, wild boar, chamois, dog/wolf, badger, fox, raccoon, bird, horse, human or Vehicles from.

AI image analysis is included in the Premium add-on package included.

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