Power Supplies


We don’t forget this simple statement: No power, no pictures!


Depending on specific CLOM camera network requirements, ICU has developed and utilises existing power supply solutions to provide both choice and flexibility.

Remember that location and environment can have a big effect on the overall battery performance. So whatever type of ICU power supply you choose, you will be using a 

reliable energy source to deliver results, again and again and again and again and again.

ICU CellPower 18650 batteries
18650 batteries in icucam 5
PowerPack Li-Ion power supply
SolarCell - Let the sun power your Trail Camera

Longer life

  • Power supply options providing between
  • Solar panel option offering an unlimited power supply
  • Flexible option to use internal and external power sources, depending on specific requirements.

Hot and cold climate

  • Power source options that will operate in environments ranging from -25°C to 60°C
  • Utilize solar energy in hot climates and rechargeable power source in cold areas.
  • Protection circuit against overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit

Planet friendly

  • Offering rechargeable power supplies cutting disposable battery waste
  • Harness the free power of solar energy.
  • Universal power. All ICU CLOM power source units work with all our ICU CLOM Network Cameras.
Power Supplies
Power Supplies

Longer run-time means less

physical disturbance of the area 

you are observing.

The run-time from traditional, disposable 
batteries is around 2 weeks.
By using one or a combination of ICU CLOM 
Power Supplies, you can reduce the amount of 
times you have to visit a camera from between 
4 - 10 months.
Another key advantage is that ICU CLOM 
Network Cameras can be deployed in highly 
remote (off-grid) areas that would require 
effort to visit on a regular basis.
Default AA Batteries
AA- Batteries
Standard run-time
ICU CLOM CellPower 18650
2-3 x extended run-time
ICU CLOM PowerPack Li-Ion battery
4-5 x extended run-time
ICU CLOM SolarCell solar panel for Trail cameras
8Infinate run-time


AA Batteries
Let’s make it clear, for eco-friendly, sustainable and
practical reasons, single-life disposable batteries are not
our preferred choice of power supply.

However, to make sure that you never experience ‘no
power, no pictures’, we have provided the flexibility to
install AA batteries if the need should arise.


ICU CLOM PowerPack
PowerPack in camouflage pouch
The ICU CLOM PowerPack can be used with any Celular
Land Observation & Monitoring or Trail Camera.

Discover the optimum power supply for your cellular trail camera in our Power Supplies category. We offer a wide range of high quality products to ensure that your camera always works reliably and efficiently. Because no power, no pictures. 

Our 18650 Li-Ion batteries are the ideal solution for a reliable power source. With rechargeable, external power and charger options, you can extend the life of your camera for months. The external battery pack, which works like a power bank, provides an independent and long-lasting power source for your game camera - optimised for use outdoors. Experience almost unlimited power with our SolarCell solar panel. Thanks to the power of the sun, you can run your trail camera completely off-grid and no longer depend on conventional power sources. Harness the power of the sun to extend the life of your camera and make the most of the landscape you are watching.

As well as a high quality finish, our products are easy to install with robust metal enclosures. Everything you need for installation is included - from extension cables to adapters. We have thought of everything to make integration into your CLOM system as seamless as possible. Take advantage of our fast shipping and competitive pricing. Expand your trail camera setup with the optimal power supply and maximise the efficiency of your surveillance. Our products are designed to optimise your experience and provide you with a reliable power supply for your wildlife camera. Order today and experience the benefits of our high quality power solutions!