Mounting & Security


We don’t forget this two simple statements:
Securely mounted, better protectedGood mounting also leads to the best pictures.


Depending on the specific requirements of the CLOM camera network, ICU has developed accessories for any situation where quick and/or cost-effective deployment of surveillance equipment is required. As well as the flexibility of deployment that allows quick and easy relocation of surveillance equipment in any terrain, climate and remote location.

That location and setting can have a major impact on the overall challenges and requirements. So whichever type of ICU security and mounting accessory you choose, you will be using a reliable protection of your CLOM network to deliver results, time and time again.


Securly mounted.

  • Universal mounting accessoires, quick and easy to setup in any environment
  • Seamless integrated with our CLOM certified products
  • Flexible option to combine a varitey of mounting and security accessoires.

Better protected.

  • Security gear that will operate in environments ranging from -25°C to 60°C
  • Secure your investment
  • Easy to handle and install yet effective against theft,   the effects of the weather and damage caused by curious wildlife

Best Images.

  • The best shots come from a good setup and can be rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Good assembly, a perfect tilt angle and stable mounting for your CLOM network cameras
  • As long as our power supplies are running, you get clarity


An anchorage designed to last.
Experience quick installation, a secure hold and optimum theft resistance
with our mounting and securing accessories. 

Our products are designed to enhance your wildlife monitoring and give you
the peace of mind you need to protect your camera. 


2 YEARS Theft Cover
Free with every new camera
ICU Theft Cover
You will receive a discount on the purchase of a new ICU CLOM
camera if it is stolen within 2 years of purchase.

Welcome to our "Mounting & security especially for cellular trail cameras" category. Here you will find high-quality accessories to mount your camera not only safely, but also flexibly and efficiently. Our tree screw with ball head enables quick and flexible mounting of your wildlife camera. Give your camera the perfect tilt angle to take your observation results to the next level. The tree mount provides a secure way to mount all cameras, while the tree strap allows for reliable mounting in a variety of environments, also on poles.

Secure your investment with our cable lock - easy to handle and install yet effective against theft. For the highest security requirements, we recommend our metal protective housing. The robust housing not only protects against theft, but also against the effects of the weather and damage caused by wildlife being curious. This means that your game camera remains protected and ready for use even under demanding conditions, exposed to elements and human traffic. Our digital camouflage is designed to be hard to identified as well. Our universal mount guarantees easy installation for all camera models and offers you maximum flexibility.